Discussion 5

Ch.5: Read “The Potent Placebo” on pp.167-168. Should the new pharmacist refuse to fill the prescription? Why or why not?


Discussion 4

Ch.4: What in your considered judgement, is the most serious professional failing of college/university professors as regards their students? Explain precisely what model of the professional/client relationship your answer assumes. What do professors need to do to correct this problem? Can students contribute in any way to the correction? Explain.

Discussion 3

Ch.3: Does the fact that certain practices are common in business (e.g., deceptive packaging, pollution up to the limits permitted by law, etc.) provide a moral justification for those in business to behave in these ways? Why or why not?

Discussion 2

Ch.2: Even though we might be reluctant to categorize certain occupations as genuine professions, an individual in any occupation may coherently be categorized as “a real professional.” Offer an account of what you take the mark of a true professional to be.

Discussion 1

Chapter 1: Read (or re-read) Case 1 on page three of your textbook. If you were the physician, would you tell the man’s wife (the child’s mother) that the father is a match? Why or why not?

Grading Rubric

Here is what I am looking for in a good post:

1. A clearly stated thesis/position. Do you agree/disagree, approve/disapprove with the action taken? I should be able to easily discern what your view is. Avoid wishy-washy answers.

2. A single sentence answer is not sufficient—support your postion. The post should be 4-5 sentences—so they do not have to be long, but they should provide some sort of argument for your position.

3. A well-written post will at the very least draw on the ideas covered in the chapter. I do not expect your post to quote the text (although you can do that if you wish) but your views should at least be informed by what was covered in the chapter.

4. You may mention someone else’s post in your post, but make sure your official response is to the main post.

Professional Ethics Discussions

I have decided to use a blog page to handle our course discussions. I will be posting questions/cases for you to comment on throughout the course. Please make sure to include the first letter of your first name along with you last name when commenting on a post. For example, if I were to comment I would sign my post MVopat.