Grading Rubric

Here is what I am looking for in a good post:

1. A clearly stated thesis/position. Do you agree/disagree, approve/disapprove with the action taken? I should be able to easily discern what your view is. Avoid wishy-washy answers.

2. A single sentence answer is not sufficient—support your postion. The post should be 4-5 sentences—so they do not have to be long, but they should provide some sort of argument for your position.

3. A well-written post will at the very least draw on the ideas covered in the chapter. I do not expect your post to quote the text (although you can do that if you wish) but your views should at least be informed by what was covered in the chapter.

4. You may mention someone else’s post in your post, but make sure your official response is to the main post.


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